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St. Matthews K-8 digs gardening

October 17 and 18 were very busy days for Mrs. Fordham, Ms. Marapally, Mrs. Gladden, Mrs. Darby, and the Conservation District as we planted over 25 new plants with over 100 students each day in the St. Matthews K-8 water garden. We beautified, we restored habitat and we had a good time digging, watering, and mulching. Mrs. Fordham says, "Gardening is therapy. In the garden, our students work in a stress free environment that makes them happy. What better way to learn and have fun? My students enjoy working hard in the gardens and they get to see the fruits of their labor. Gardening teaches them life skills and they demonstrate character traits of the 21st century student: empathy, compassion, sharing, love, respect, working as a team, responsibility, problem solving, caring and more."

All of this would not have been possible without our generous donors: Carson's Farm and Garden, Three Shovels Farm, Calhoun Country Market, and Hi Cotton Greenhouses.

Another big thanks to the talented gardeners at St. Matthews Garden Club for their kind donation for supplies and for coming to help and bring plants!

Enjoy some pictures of these good gardeners at St. Matthews K-8.



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