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Alfred says let's be greener over the holidays, Woof Woof

My holidays have almost begun and I am looking forward to many treats for my good behavior this year. Did you know that during the holidays, we generate 25% more garbage? I am trying to be greener this holiday season and I have some ideas for you to be green AND save money (for more dog treats!):

Sometimes I use newspapers, magazines, or a clean dish towel or scarf to wrap my presents. If I do need to buy wrapping paper, I make sure it doesn't have metallic, foil, or glitter. If you can crumple it and it holds its shape, it is likely recyclable. Use LED lights to save on your electric bill- that's easy! If you can buy a potted tree and replant after Christmas, well, you know that makes all of us dogs happy! I'll try to think of more ways to be green during the holidays and if you have some tips, please add them in the comments below or email

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