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Alfred's new blog, woof woof and let's save water

Alfred wants to share some water saving tips to his friends on the web. Here are his top tips to save water:

Turn off water faucet when brushing your teeth or shaving.

Take shorter showers. Alfred prefers baths, but he doesn't fill the tub too full.

Add food wastes to your compost pile instead of using the garbage disposal.

Water your garden in the morning so as not to lose moisture to evaporation. Also, try not to water when it is windy.

Have your soil tested for nutrient content (right here at the Clemson Extension Office) and add organic matter if needed. Good soil absorbs and retains water better.

Repair all leaks in outdoor and indoor water fixtures. A leaky toilet can waste 200 gallons per day!

Use mulch around shrubs, trees and garden plants. Mulch helps retain moisture.

Raise your lawn mower cutting height- longer grass blades help shade each other cutting down on evaporation.

For more of Alfred's tips on Conservation please join our mailing list.

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Ann Nolte
Ann Nolte

Alfred knows whereof he speaks! Great tips!


Ann Nolte

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