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Let's meet at Congaree Bluffs Heritage Preserve

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Several District commissioners and friends met at Congaree Bluffs Heritage Preserve this morning to hold a board meeting and tour the property with the DNR Manager, Hunter. We saw one of the deer stands (apparently the sweet spot stand!) that DNR uses when they host 4 Youth Deer Hunts in fall. Hunter told us how prescribed burns are helping the longleaf pine plantings and he looks forward to a mature longleaf pine savannah habitat in the future. They are doing a great job! On a ridge over a creek and with lots of beauty berry bushes nearby, Gina spotted a Northern Parula bird. We also saw many beautiful wildflowers including the largest patch of Bee Balm your writer has ever seen. Lots of pollinators were enjoying gathering the nectar on this sunny, hot fall day. We ended the tour with our staff coordinator, Mary, and some of our commissioners, Bates, Kent and Ronnie enjoying the view from the overlook- it's quite a view. For more information on visiting Calhoun County's only Heritage Preserve, located just 15 min from St. Matthews, please email Mary on or call 803 874 3337.

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1 Comment

Ann Nolte
Ann Nolte
Sep 22, 2022

Such a pretty place! A great spot for a board meeting.


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